Company Policy and Management Policy

TAIYOSHA Philosophy

Quality first Quantity next; continue steady efforts towards outstanding achievements


We believe that everything such as materials on the earth, science and civilization equally exists for human contentment, and in case of making artificial use of them, it is reliant upon us to produce human contentment in harmony and coexistence with everything.

We also believe that there is no value for companies to just exist if they are not useful for human contentment; in other words, companies are an intrinsic part of human society.
It is important for company expansion to determine and embody a management policy on such stance.

On this point sometimes mistakes occur, which has probably resulted in people thinking that companies are evil.

Since our foundation, we have managed a company with a policy which has respect for people ,under our company policy [Quality first Quantity next; make steady efforts towards outstanding achievement], to improve quality while undertaking cost reduction through rationalization, to desire customer satisfaction, to contribute to national prosperity and the improvement of welfare in the international society, to achieve mutual contentment, peace and harmony, and to concentrate developing human resources, which we wish to be a training place for individual character formation.

Basic policy of management

Let’s make the best product while considering the global environment
Let’s gain the trust of our customers and give them peace of mind.
Let’s develop original technologies.
Let’s contribute to a society through mutual prosperity.
Let’s continue to develop the company and the happiness of everyone.